Giri Giraffe

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After a long long time, we are very proud to show you our last game so far – Giri Giraffe!

The game is available for all devices:

Click here for the Android version

Click here for the IOS version

And now for some images from the game to make this post useful…

This is the home screen, where you can navigate anywhere you want. Please note the nice birds that are flying from time to time.

Giri Giraffe home

This is the store, where you can purchase accessories for lovely Giri. Cute hats, amazing scarfs and even some glasses.

GIri Giraffe Accessories

Also a few upgrades available. You can add green apples, golden apples or even delete all ads for free…


Giri Giraffe store


Gameplay – try to reach as far as possible, collect apples and avoid the poisoned ones (the ones with a worm inside..)

Giri gameplay



We got some feedback from you guys, so in the next version we will add much more items and also some styles= outfits for Giri. Stay tuned 🙂



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