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So after launching separate app versions for Scary Maze 2 and Scary Maze 3, we decided to create a huge game that includes all the things we like in the previous mazes and much more!

The instructions are yet very simple: Drag the green circle in order to guide the dot (or the element in the specific level) to the finish line without touching the walls. Collect stars during the levels in order to open the new mazes.

Level 1

Game’s features:

9 free Scary Mazes

3+ Levels on every maze

Collect stars to unlock new mazes

Bonus mini-games

New Images

New Screams

Collect Stars

So you are more than welcome to download and play our new game. If you enjoy – give as 5 stars. If not – Let as know why so we can fix 🙂

Maze 2

Play Scary Maze game is available for Android and Apple Store.


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